TFP stands for Time For Print.  It's a term started when people used to make prints of their photographs.  Basically it means the for the photographer and the model, instead of money exchanged, we will receive photographic prints instead.  Nowadays, since we all use digital files, it means we will be compensated with digital files. 
Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure the shoot goes smoothly.
1.  You must be willing to sign a model release form.
2.  Please be on time.  Depending on the shoot, I might be carrying a lot of equipment or pay for studio time.  It's a professional courtesy that I will also extend your way.
3.  For an hour shoot, you will receive 3 social media sized digital files, and for a 2 hour shoot, you will receive 6 digital files, all at the photographer's discretion.  Addition full res digital files will be available for purchase. 
4.  You will not alter the files in anyway.  I spend hours editing and retouching the images, please respect my vision, from one artist to another.  You agree to post the files as is. 
5.  You must credit the photographer by both tagging in the photo and in the description.
6.  If you are a minor, you must have a parent or legal guardian accompany you at all times. 
7.  If you accept the shoot, you agree to all of the above guidelines.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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